Joseph Chiang of Joseph Clay arts

In addition to Joseph Chiang’s work being selected for the 2008 Olympics Landscape sculpture design in Beijing, he has won many international awards. Awards from countries such as South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Australia, Italy, China, Macau and Canada.

Joseph Chiang’s interest in music, art, design and sculpture began at a young age and it has been since 1984 that Joseph has dedicated himself to researching and designing in the ceramic arts.  In 2013 Joseph took the leap and committed more time to the development of his line of metal sculptures which explore the theme of love.  These works form part of Joseph’s vision of one day establishing a sculpture garden where the large scale forms will find a permanent home.

Joseph’s unique approach and diverse style of sculpting has been influenced by the multicultural stimulus to which he has been exposed.  After a childhood in Southern Taiwan, Joseph spent six years in South Africa and moved to Canada in 1997.  Joseph’s innovative personality and his passion for challenges has provided him with a solid foundation on which to build his unique designs.

Artist’s Statement

Every piece which I create is beautiful, imaginative and inspiring.   Ceramics became a part of my life during a difficult period and this lead to experimentation and error.  It is through this that I have found my own way.  My work with clay has taught me patience and persistence and it never fails to energize me.  I have found over the years, that my imagination is a never ending source of creativity and as a result, I strive for perfection in every piece as I know that the sky is the limit.  I look forward to continuing to learn, explore and create beauty.

Artist’s CV

2009   Exhibited at North Vancouver District Hall. Canada
2008  Designed medallion for City of Surrey “Civic Treasures Award”. Canada
2006  Selected for 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Design. Beijing. China
2006  Invitational Sculptures Exhibition at Taipa-Houses Museum. Macau
2004- ARTS 2004  Juried Exhibition at Surrey Art Gallery. Canada
2003  The 3rd Cheongju International Craft Biennale. Korea
2003  Canada Bird Fair. Invitational exhibition. Vancouver Public Library
2003  M.I.C. Faenza International Ceramics Exhibition. Italy
2003  Sydney International Teapot Show. Invitational. Australia
2002  The 6th International Ceramics (Design) Competition. Mino, Japan
2000  The 6th International Taiwan Golden Ceramics Award, Yinggee. Taiwan
2000  Awarded at Spring Juried Clay Exhibition. Canada
1999  Artist of the Year. selected by Maple Ridge Art Gallery. Canada
1996   South Africa National Ceramics Biennale, Johannesburg. South Africa
1995  Awarded at Edgeware Ceramics Exhibition, Natal. South Africa
1994   South Africa Ceramics Award, Cape Town. South Africa