Metal Sculpture

The “Line of Love Sculpture” is the culmination of many years of dreaming and planning.  These designs are intended to form the foundation of the large scale sculptures which I intend to place permanently in a sculpture garden.  This series explores the very essence of humanity through the theme of love.  Love between a mother and her family, love between friends and romantic love.  I appreciate the ambitious nature of my monumental project and this range of precious metal forms, not only declares my commitment to its completion but also makes it possible for others to enjoy the pieces now. These small artworks, through you collecting them, make you a part of the dream and together we come closer to making it a reality. I envision these precious metal artworks proclaiming the greatness of love and the promotion of the ideas of peace and happiness to the world for generations to come.

View selected portfolio:

Joseph Chaing, bronze sculpture called Future you and me